Lynne Francis

lfLynne's first job after leaving Bedford was at The Alice Ottley School, Worcester. She then moved to Dr Challoner's High School, Little Chalfont as Head of Department and was at this time playing lacrosse for Wales and the Midlands along with tennis for Buckinghamshire. In 1972 she founded the Buckinghamshire Women's Squash Association as it split from Berkshire and Oxfordshire. This proved to be very successful particularly as squash was gaining in popularity throughout the county and the country.

Lynne joined the staff at Bedford in 1975 lecturing in gymnastics, dance, lacrosse, tennis and movement education. She left in 1978 to have the first of her two daughters.

Since 1993 Lynne has been working for the University as a Link Tutor supervising trainees on their school experiences and liaising with school mentors. This is a role she enjoys as it keeps her up-to-date with current students.

She has been a member of the BPEOSA since leaving Bedford and was elected as Group 3 representative in 2006.


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