Eileen Rawlings

Eileen RawlingsA graph of Eileen's career would resemble the trail of disorientated ink-laden beetle. Two years after leaving Bedford in 1958 for her first job at Bournemouth School for Girls, she found herself back on the College staff. Among the third year students were Sylvia McCrann and the Senior Student Margaret Marriott. Having got engaged just before leaving Bournemouth, she then retired from the profession to a life of unalleviated domesticity – as one did in 1961. The Bournemouth grapevine produced various calls for help and Eileen became the most junior, part-time teacher at Wentworth School under Sylvia MacCrann. As Eileen's children grew up she took a full-time post at Bournemouth School for Girls, eventually becoming Head of Department until her second retirement in 1998. A call from the President of PEAUK, Margaret Whitehead (nee Marriott), to join the Centenary Committee led to the opportunity of devising and producing the Celebration of Physical Education in the Royal Albert Hall on 23rd October 1999. Eileen joined the Old Students' committee in 1972 as the Territorial Representative for S.E. England becoming Editor of the BPEOSA Report after two years – a job she held for 32 editions of the publication. She is immensely proud to be a Vice-President of BPEOSA.


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