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Big Societies

'Big Societies: Bedford Physical Training College During World Wars One and Two' (by Stephanie Daniels)

Old student, Stephanie Daniels used the Bedford archive collection, visited museums, historical collections and obtained first hand memories from old students to produce this book about the lives of Bedford students during the World Wars. Lavishly illustrated, it features many photographs from the archive albums.

'This kind of comparative material is invaluable for thinking about the similarities and differences between different colleges and is a model for interpretation of pictorial evidence.'

(Dr Peter Cunningham, Fellow of the Faculty of Education in Homerton)


A Proper Spectacle

A Proper Spectacle: Women Olympians 1900-1936' (Stephanie Daniels and Anita Tedder)

During 1998, Bedford old students Anita Tedder and Stephanie Daniels contacted the oldest women Olympians in the world and it is the memories and photographs from the women Olympians' personal albums which make this book a unique contribution to women's sporting history. Produced for the Sydney Olympics in 2000, it has a foreword by Paula Radcliffe and marked the centenary of women in the Olympics.

'A fascinating and revealing insight into the Olympic world for women in the early days....an excellent pioneering work'

(International Society of Olympic Historians Journal)

'The authors challenge the weight of historical reference'

(The Times)



Women First

Women First, The Female Tradition in English Physical Education, 1880-1980' (Sheila Fletcher)

This study documents the history and major developments achieved by women in Physical Education, with particular reference to Bedford. It examines the pioneers, the changes in gymnastics and dance from Ling to Laban and the way in which women lost out to men after the Second World War.

'A superbly written study'

(Women's Studies International Forum)